Photographed by   Dean Raphael.  

Photographed by Dean Raphael. 

Photographer, writer, voyager, alchemist, connector, human, woman.

Anchoring light.

I translate what I witness through imagery. Subtle glimpses of magic held within the palms of our Earth. I let that love consume me. What I do bursts from the seams with heart, with this art being at the core of all I know. Through expression, freedom is found. Through vulnerability, connection is birthed.

I breathe openness and stand in soft fire.

My words pour out in waves. In heated passion. Devouring and holding like honey to the soul. 

I live my life with intention, curiosity and transparency. I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and inspire. To share the world I see through photographs and language.

To unify and remind you of what you innately know. That we are all here, drowning in the light that surrounds us.

Every time I create, I am handing over pieces of myself to give to you.

Stay until your eyes weigh heavy.

And your heart is no longer starved.