Photographed by Dean Raphael. 

Photographed by Dean Raphael. 

Photographer, writer, voyager, alchemist, connector, human, woman.

I was a photographer first. Capturing the magnificence that is held in subtle glimpses of magic upon our earth, translating what I witness through photographs. I let my love consume me. If what I do isn’t bursting at the seams with heart, I will have none of it. This art is all I know. Through expression, I found freedom. Through vulnerability, I found connection.

I breathe openness.

I became a writer. My words come in waves, in heated passion. I picked up a pen and let the ink stain my hands and pour out heart first.  I let them devour me.

I live my life with intention, curiosity and transparency. I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and inspire, sharing the world I see through photographs and the words that bleed.

To unify and remind you of what your soul innately knows. That we are all born with creativity flowing through our being, drowning in the light that surrounds us. In oneness.

Every time I create, I am handing over pieces of myself, to give to you.

Stay until your eyes weigh heavy and your soul ignites.