A note to self

Self as subject —
Intimate moments of the heart in a rising sun. Drinking from this one vast, oceanic light.
I have realised this week that deep down I still hold a sense of fear around being seen, fully.
Taking the time to remember who I am, where I am and where I would love to be. Though I am very much in love right here, right now. Very much immersed in the heaven I am nourished by currently and the sincere love that surrounds. Still, allowing for what is moving through me, to move through me.
A scent that lingers with ease as each sun wakes. A never ending finding of flow; constant reminders not to (entirely) bottle up conversations with the inner self. To navigate through the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning.
Finding all multifaceted parts of me, through what is not me.  

To show up (for self) and communicate my sentiments in clarity, while suspending preconceptions of my own self. Especially on the heavy days. The sweet shadows — Sometimes it is hard to see the light, when you’re on your knees. But nothing disappears until it has taught us what we need to know. So rather than fighting, I observe and play witness.
Unafraid of the depths, grateful for the peaks.
There is knowledge of years through deep rooted self work in soothing and knowing how to reduce friction, give comfort, and holding these limbs when they undergo growing pains. To pour several types of love into my own at every corner. In seeing the value of intentional rest and dropping into a parasympathetic state. That doing isn’t always in alignment with productivity. Movement begets breath. Meditation begets mental stillness. An uncomfortable conversation begets clarity.
To support myself how I support my loved ones.