Closer to the fire

In the evening hour
my hands were covered
in midnight honey
pipe tobacco
and silken threads
in solitary fire
in flickering thoughts
of offering myself up to you
but I would rather
pass through silence
and breathing
just for this night
dear one
so I float
in and out
of reveries
and reflections
and you wait
I know you wait
while I rejoice
in the burnt land
as I break every inch
of this blood
moving hips through
the vast heat
of desert plains
so when I am washed
of all that rattles
in my body
when I have exploded
the truth
of myself
through this journey
of skeletal zones
when my bones
crack and shiver
I will lay
a kiss in the palm of your hand
for all that went unspoken
so you understand
how I
pour inside of you.